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I Temporarily Do by Ellie Cahill

Romance in one of my favourite ways!


I Temporarily Do has been a very sweet and endearing story, i've enjoyed it very much. There has always been something about stories like this that draw me in, something about two people placed in a situation and learning to love just makes me melt. I guess it's the arranged Marriage genre which i know is pretty common now but i've never read one where the character's were friends before hand, it just made the whole story so sweet and had me not so secretly rooting for them from the get go.

If you love budding romance stories, unseen love stories, RomComs or anything within those areas then you'll definitely want to read this. If you're into steamy novels then it depends on your levels of preference. I am WELL known for reading some very heated dare i say extreme stories but this story isn't one of those, and honestly that is totally not a bad thing!

Sure this story had heat its impossible to deny that, i mean i needed a fan from the moment i met Beckett ☺️ because HELLO. This story had a kinda heat that i class as a guilty pleasure. Most of the time i was enveloped in a haze of heat and passion just waiting for something to happen between Beckett and Emmy, on the edge of every word just waiting, hoping and trying to not let my imagination distract me from following the story. Then when something does happen I don't know who's reaction is bigger Emmy's or MINE 😋 because I was most definitely winded of all breath more than once.

In terms of characters I don't have much to say other then I loved these guys! I've recently become obsessed with anime and would love to see how Emmy and Beckett translate to anime characters!

The storyline kinda jumps a lot in terms of time so the time you get with Emmy and Beckett isn't that huge but i think the author did a really good job fitting so much character development into a short amount of space. I truly think i'm not the only person who wishes we had a Beckett POV (PointOFView) because if i have to be critical of anything it would that we got to experience so much of Emmy's development from her POV but the story was lacking some much need glimpses into Beckett's mind, to understand how his thinking and feelings evolved with the story.

None the less i well and truly enjoyed reading this and although this is a stand-alone romantic-comedy novel, meaning you can just read this by its self, it is part of a series. I'm am definitely going to read the second novel i'm hoping to going to follow a set of characters from Emmy and Beckett's story which will finger's crossed mean potential call back for Emmy and Beckett!!!!

I got I Temporarily Do for free on Amazon, but i would totally pay for the second novel now i know i love this.

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