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Your Soul Was Made For Mine by C.L. Hunter

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Your Soul was Made for Mine is the first of a new series called Soul Mate written by C. L. Hunter. I received a copy of this book in return for my Honest Review.

Rating: 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉

So this review is way behind schedule … because every time I sit down to write I just can’t seem to get the words together to truly do this story justice.  But i’ve decided that doing something backwards might really help, so here goes…. Let Start with when it all ended!

I’ve read many books in my time (although it only be 19 years LOL) and all the best ones have affected me in someway after i’ve finished reading them. BUT as far as i can recall this book did something new…never before have i been so emotionally turmoiled – seriously to the point of calling my friend on Skype in the middle of the night bawling my eyes out like a child who’s puppy ran away.

I can honestly say i scared the crap out of my friend … they thought something terrible had happened to me and when i tried to explain that something had, and that something was the loss of an amazing story that had become part of my heart … that something was the love of Nolan & Emmalyn, a love that will linger with me for what i will imagine will be the rest of my life because their story is one riddled with the facet of FATE and SOUL CONNECTIONS as well as TRUE LOVE, a thing i’m one of the biggest believers in. I’m pretty sure my friend wanted to come all the way from Texas to England just to mock me.

So yes I can imagine that many of you reading this may or mayn’t be thinking ‘Dam that was a bit overacted’ but I can assure you thats the least dramatic part to this little story. Have any of your ever read, watched or heard something that made you stop completely and just look at your self, your life and all you’ve achieved?  I did with Your Soul Was Made For Mine, I stopped and I looked deep so deep inside myself I wasn’t sure I want to look at myself ever again. I don’t like the word ‘depression’ but after reading this book and having that self reflection I had a ‘dark time’ for the next 2 days.

Now I know this review may seem dark so far and you may think that because of this it means I didn’t enjoy the book. But I can assure you I loved this story and I strongly recommend it to ALL true romantics and to anyone & everyone that believes in/thinks the following things:

  • i’ll never find love,

  • i’ll be alone forever,

  • i don’t need love,

  • I’m giving up on love.

I think you get the drift of things. LOL

I hate to give out spoilers so i’m not going to go on for much longer because i can already feel the urge for a fan-girl rant moment LOL. But i can share with you some of the wonderful things you’d be in store for if you decide to pick this book up (which i’m STRONGLY suggesting)

Firstly this book is beautifully written you’ll got so lost in the old Irish language, not to mention all the beautifully poetic history — from American Cilvil History & Ghost Stories to the beautifully painted swirling plains of Ireland & its numerous folk lores & chanties. Every scene is set so wonderfully you forget your not actually there — even with the chapters where its nothing but letters between Nolan & Emmalyn, you’ll find yourself transfixed at the sight of how their love grows.

I’ve honestly Enjoyed this book and i’m so thrilled I was picked out by G.E. Johnson – Founder of Book Promotions International – and of course the amazing author C. L. Hunter.

You can read my interview with C.L. Hunter HERE

You can read my 5🦉 review of Book 2 - My Soul Belongs to you HERE

Big hopes that you guys read this book, and if you do please come back here and share your thoughts with me.

Thanks For Reading!


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