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My Soul Belongs to You By C.L. Hunter

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

My Soul Belongs to you is the sequel to Your soul was made for mine by C.L Hunter. It is the 2nd book of the Soul Mates Series.

I received a copy from the author in turn for my honest review.

I Highly suggest you read the first book before this as there are several references to the previous book even though this book focuses on another couple.


In the second book in the Soul Mate series the cross-continental frolics continue with Kate and Deacon. Drama blends with desire and an off-the-charts plot, creating the heavyweight champion of page-turners in this sensual romance.

My soul belongs to you is an impressive book. The characters are expertly written and developed throughout the book – it’s not hard to imagine them as real people as real as you and me.

Having read and reviewed the first book of the series I already knew Deacon & Kate to some degree. However, their characters have developed a lot through this story – I personally believe Kate was an almost entirely different person by the end. Of course, I only say almost because come on it’s Kate she’s not one to back down without a challenge.

Be prepared for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I personally feel this story wasn’t as traditionally ‘romantic’ as the last. that, however, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth reading – in fact, this story was blazing with heated passion, drama and ‘action’ from start to finish.

I don’t know if this was intentional but I believe that the way this story is written reflects the personalities of Deacon and Kate and as they develop so does the atmosphere i.e. as the written becomes a little more romantic so do they. I love how this contrasts to the first book where it was like an amazing mosh pit of dreamy romance because that’s who Emmalyn and Noel are they are a Dreamy Romantic mosh pit.

I 100% recommend not only this book but this series to any true romantmaniac like myself. It’s full of magic, culture, heart-stopping relationships!

( and if that’s not enough for you the 18+ scenes are greatly written and are honestly true 18+ XD )

Please Leave a comment with any questions/ thoughts. you can also find the Author on Twitter as @Toughii2

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Thanks for Reading!


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