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Katie in Love by Chloe Thurlow

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Katie in Love is the 6th Novel from Chloe Thurlow. I was given an ARC of this book to read and review for its publish day (pubdate) March 21st 2015. This makes it a welcome part of my 2015 reading challenge. Started February 22nd 2015 finished 20th March 2015.

Rating: 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉

I’m so glad that Chloe Thurlow contacted me shortly after I started my blog and gave me this ARC because the story of Katie and Tom was extremely touching. The style which Thurlow writes is one I’ve personally ever seen before..and I love it. For me it’s something new something fresh. If I’d ever read anything by Anais Nin, then I’m sure I would agree with KM Dylan who said on amazon “Chloe Thurlow is the Anais Nin of our times”

With Katie In Love I didn’t feel like I was reading yet another erotic romance…which for everyone who knows me is as common as the sun rising…This Novel felt more like a physiological text about erotica, romance and the human mind. I loved the fact that I’ve finished this novel and felt a great increase in intelligence, i can assure you personally this novel will never leave me…my new weapon against those who bad-mouth erotica of any kind.

If you’re looking for a realistic romance and don’t mind a little erotica then Katie in love is awesome…go pick it up. It’s even better if you’re looking for a new approach/style. I partially loved how getting into Katie’s head and seeing how her life is, seemed to me an epic chance to really get into the author’s head or writers in general. As I’ve experienced myself when i tried to moved from writing poetry to novels…it’s more hard work then some people imagine. A little warning…this novel does approach some subjects which some people may not agree with…But don’t worry it’s all fiction.

Thanks for Reading!


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